Mike Hymes Calls for Rollback of President Obama’s EPA as Well as State Coal Regulations

Posted on Jun 25, 2014

JUNE 23, 2014 – Tazewell, VA

“It doesn’t matter to me where the anti-coal regulations come from. They are hurting our workers, jobs and the future of Southwest Virginia.  I oppose them.” – Mike Hymes

Today, Democratic candidate for the 38th Senate district Mike Hymes reaffirmed his stance against the war on coal — and went one step farther, breaking with the Democratic Party by announcing his opposition to President Obama’s and Gov. McAuliffe’s efforts to regulate coal.

“President Obama’s EPA and Gov. Terry McAuliffe have gone way too far with their job-killing regulations on the burning of coal.  As a 40 year veteran of the coal industry and as an elected official in a coal county for seven years, I know first hand how devastating those regulations are to our economy, not to mention the difficulty it causes for counties to fund schools, police, fire and other necessary public services,” said Hymes

“Folks who know me know that I have been fighting against the war on coal ever since it started. As an employee of a coal company and someone who has worked all his life in the coal industry,    I have been on the front lines fighting against these regulations. I spoke out several years ago at a public hearing in Wise County supporting the Army Corp of Engineers elimination of the NWP-21 P continued Hynes. “People need to understand I am a pro-coal Democrat and if they want someone who will protect our coal coal jobs and coal miners, they should vote for me.”

“President Obama’s EPA is way out of control.  The EPA has not only done a number on our coal industry and coal miners it is making life very hard for our farmers, gas industry and even our     manufacturers,” continued Hymes.  “These new regulations are also going to increase the cost of energy which will result in higher energy bills and really hurt our small businesses.”

“Making a living is hard enough out here and we don’t ask for much.  What we are asking is for the federal and state governments to get off our backs and let us get back to work,” concluded Hymes.

Mike Hymes is a true son of coal miners and coal country.  His father and grandfather were coal miners.  He was born in Bluefield, West Virginia and spent his early years in a coal camp in Bishop, Virginia, where his father worked in the mine. His family later moved to Tazewell. Mike is a third-generation coal miner and worked in the mines in McDowell County, West Virginia early in his career.  He is currently Corporate Director of Human Resources at James River Coal Company.

Mike and his family are active members of Main Street United Methodist Church in Tazewell, where Mike has taught Sunday school for at least 10 years and is a member of the Pastor Parish Committee. Mike and his wife Cecelia have two married sons, Martin and Aaron, and one grandchild.

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