Letter of Support

Posted on Sep 22, 2013

Open Letter to the Residents of the Southern District;

Through my experience as an instructor for various emergency medical courses, and my tenure on the Emergency Services Committee for Tazewell County, I have grown to realize the needs our emergency agencies (fire and EMS) face in Tazewell County.

Those needs vary from outdated equipment to the need for updated and improved building conditions. This is not a problem that is faced by any one particular department, although some may be in more need than others.

I write today to encourage my friends and colleagues in the Southern District of Tazewell County to vote Mike Hymes for supervisor. Mike has had many accomplishments in Tazewell County. Among them are lowered tax rates (personal property and business alike); transfer stations for the landfill that help keep litter from our highways; a new sheriff’s office and state of the art 911 center; led the effort to fund the YMCA; increased transparency in county government – just to name a few.

However, one of his greatest accomplishments has been to improve our fire and ems service in Tazewell County. Naturally his concern should be for the Southern District first, and this he has done. A new pumper for Clearfork Fire Department, updated equipment to the Cove Fire dept and Tannersville Fire Dept. He has worked hands on to help Tazewell County Fire and Rescue when their building was destroyed find a new suitable location. He has worked hands on to help that agency become financially viable.

But Mike Hymes realizes his work is for the safety and improvement of all of Tazewell County. He has worked with Tom Childress to bring a new ambulance to Rescue 945 in the Northern District, and a new fire truck is coming to Abbs Valley Fire Department. He has worked with Charlie Stacy to keep Bluefield Virginia Rescue Squad viable and operating at an optimum level.

Mike does not have tunnel vision. He sees the big picture and works on all angles to improve the lives of Tazewell County citizens, as well as make sure we have the agencies and services we need for public safety.

I encourage my friends and colleagues in EMS, and my neighbors in the Southern District, to take a strong look at the issues facing us in Tazewell county. Look past the political rhetoric and strongly consider giving Mike Hymes your vote this November.



James Richardson
Pounding Mill