House Bill No. 1217 honors SW Va. fallen heroes

Posted on Aug 25, 2013

House Bill No. 1217 honors SW Va. fallen heroes

By Sgt. Luther L. Boothe – October 23, 2012

Posted in: 276th Engineer Battalion, 91st Troop Command, Army Guard

CEDAR BLUFF, Va. – Virginia Senator Phillip Puckett, Delegate Will Morefield, Honorable Michael Hymes and the American Veterans Honor Guard Association unveiled highway road signs honoring Sgt. Brandon Asbury and Sgt. David Lambert during a ceremony held Oct. 19 in Cedar Bluff, Va.

The ceremony was held to officially fulfill the House Bill No. 1217 requirements to designate the portion of Virginia Route 19 between Tazewell and Claypool Hill, Va., as the Brandon Asbury Highway and to designate the entire Virginia Route 609 as the Sergeant David Lambert Highway.

“For decades the youth of Tazewell County have been willing to leave their friends and family and march off to war to defend our freedom. Our country is dependent upon the children of these mountains to carry forward freedom and to provide the voice of freedom and to demonstrate America’s spirit and ideas to those in foreign lands who have been denied basic rights by tyrants,” said Hymes, chairman of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors. “These markers will serve as a permanent reminder to all of us of the sacrifices given by these sons of Tazewell County.”

Puckett took a moment to offer condolences to the families and reminded those in attendance that these highway signs will serve a greater purpose than to just honor local heroes.

Delegate Will Morefield introduced the bill, which became House Bill No. 1217. (Photo by Sgt. Luther L. Boothe, Virginia Guard Public Affairs)

“Today as we go through this ceremony and as we honor both of these men with the highway markers, it will not only be an honor to them that we recognize them both, but it will be a reminder to all those of this region — when they travel those highways, of these two brave individuals who stood up and fought for the values of this country, far, far away,” said Puckett. “That is what makes this country great, the young men and women who stand up and volunteer to serve their country and to defend freedom and the quality of life that we see every day. Thank you for letting us be a very small part to honor those in your family who have given the ultimate sacrifice.”

As the ceremony came to a close Morefield, who introduced the bill, requested the crowd to look at the American flag and reminded them of its beauty and that what it represents comes from those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending the nation’s freedom.

“It is with great honor that we recognize their service by naming two sections of highway in their remembrance,” he said as the ceremony came to an end.

Sgt. Brandon Asbury, a Tazewell native, was killed by small-arms fire while serving with the Fort Hood-based 4th Support Battalion, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division in Iraq in 2006.

Sgt. David Lambert, a Cedar Bluff native, was killed by a roadside bomb while serving with the Virginia Guard’s West Point based 237th Engineer Company, 276th Engineer Battalion, 91st Troop Command in Iraq in 2007.