Clean coal mobile classroom teaches, brings hope

Posted on Aug 25, 2013

Posted: Aug 20, 2013 5:08 PM EST at WVVA

By Kristen Conner

TAZEWELL, Va (WVVA)– Clean coal is a hot topic across the Two Virginias and other coal communities across the country.

One organization has created a way to educate people about the industry’s efforts to reduce emissions, and Tuesday morning they came to Tazewell County.

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity toured Southwest Virginia with its mobile classroom. It displays new technologies experts say can make combustion cleaner.

The goal– to teach visitors the importance of coal, and how with new developments, it can be reliable as well as more environmentally friendly to burn it.

Business leaders we spoke with say all this creates more demand for coal, and bringing this technology here can help this whole area.

People at the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity hope the mobile classroom can bring hope to people who fear the future of coal.

Caitlin Fisher, spokesperson for the ACCCE, said, “Learning about the investments being made leaves people feeling hopeful about the future for coal. And we are really hoping to give people a new impression of what’s going on in the coal industry.”

From Tazewell, the mobile classroom heads to Buchanan county and then on up to the Bristol Motor Speedway.

*This story previous read that the Mobile Classroom’s efforts educate about making coal production cleaner. WVVA is told that “ACCCE’s claims about making coal cleaner are not about the production side (mining, transport) – their claims refer to efforts to reduce emissions during combustion, i.e. during electricity generation at power plants. It’s misleading to say that ACCCE’s ‘clean coal’ claims have anything to do with coal production.”


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