Supporting Tazewell County Values –

  • Made the motion in December 2019 meeting Board meeting to make Tazewell a county 2nd amendment sanctuary
  • In December 2019 meeting Seconded the motion to adopt a resolution promoting the order of a militia within Tazewell county to the second amendment of the constitution
  • Made the motion to allow the citizens to vote on the location of the statue in front of the courthouse

Support for Education and Teachers –

  • While in office the county funding has increased annually for Tazewell County Public Schools.
  • Fought for improved pay for teachers for 3 years fought to include payment of step increases in 2009 /2010 budget year.
  • Supported renovation of schools to include air conditioning at Tazewell and North Tazewell Elementary Schools.
  • Fought against the closure of Pocahontas High School and ultimately supported its subsequent use as a community center.

Support of Public Safety –

  • The creation of the public safety center, which houses the 911 call center and the Tazewell County sheriff’s office
    Annual purchase of new vehicles
  • Purchase of tactical shields
  • Purchase of updated firearms
  • Lead the effort to increase deputies pay in the 2020/21 budget
  • Implemented a system to increase compensate sheriff department employees for obtaining advanced degrees.

Concern for the local environment –

  • Created three trash collection centers in the Southern District so each community can deposit trash at a community site and avoid long, expensive trips to the landfill.
  • Installed new sewer line to collect and process leachate from the land fill to remove it from the water source near the landfill
  • Requiring the placement of paper, cardboard and aluminum recycling bins at all county operated trash collection facilities.

Improved infrastructure –

  • While in office the Baptist Valley Sewer project was completed, allowing hundreds of families’ access to sewer lines thus opening many areas in Baptist valley to new development.
  • Supported the development of residential natural gas to provide competition with AEP
  • Installation of wireless internet in Tannersville
  • Led the effort to get Time Warner Cable to extend cable service into an un-served area of Thompson Valley.
  • Funded and pushed for the installation of wireless internet by Gigabeam in the Cove, Thompson Valley, and Whiten Valley.

Support for Fire and Rescue –

  • In 2012, a new pumper was acquired for the Clear Fork VFD which allowed Tannersville VFD and the Cove VFD to get updated equipment as well for better protecting their communities.
  • Arranged the relocation of Tazewell County Fire and Rescue when their build was damaged beyond repair, which insured no loss of service.
  • Lead the effort to purchase new self contained rescue equipment for all fire departments.

Concern for more jobs –

  • Announced the first occupant at the bluestone park
  • Worked to acquire the new aquaculture plant in Waddell creating 200 jobs.
  • Addition of new jobs at Fenner Dunlop Research Center.
  • Addition of new jobs at JenMar manufacturing site.
  • Addition of new jobs at Simmons equipment
  • Led the effort to fund the four Season YMCA annually creating 75 jobs
  • Supported the development of the Back of the Dragon designation and events, as well as other tourism and business activities in the county.

Concern for Healthcare – 

  • Led the fight to keep Tazewell Community Hospital open and functioning in our community.
  • Worked as a board member to improve the community hospital Emergency room.
  • As a Community Hospital board member we established a veteran’s medical clinic.
  • Arranged for the former health department land to be sold to establish a new health clinic with new services for the residents.

Community support –

  • Competed a new modern no kill animal shelter
  • Paving of twenty five county maintained roads in the Southern district.
  • Building of outdoor bathroom facilities for use by Burkes Garden tourists.
  • Completion of the community service building without taxpayers dollars being spent.
  • Installation of guardrail on previously paved county maintained roads.
  • Helped fund new windows for Cove Community Center.
  • Helped fund a new floor for Tannersville Community Center.
  • Funded walking trail at Tannersville Community Center.
  • Helped fund improvement to the Thompson Valley Community Center including plan to improve the ceilings in 2021.
  • Support for many youth activities in the Southern District including the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA.
  • Strongly supported all little leagues and school sports activities in the Southern district
  • Funded improvements for Burkes Garden Community center including removal of a dangerous chimney from the building.
  • Lead the effort to get VDOT fog markers on Burkes Garden Mountain.

Control of Local Government –

  • In July 2012 voted to reduce the property tax rate paid by Tazewell County citizens. The property tax rate now is 2 cents lower than when I was elected.
  • Reduced the Merchants capital tax by over 10% to Support of small business job creation effective July 1, 2013.
  • Increased Transparency in government by leading the fight to have all payments made by Tazewell County and Tazewell County Public Schools posted on the organizations website so the taxpayers have access to where tax dollars are being spent.
  • Made the motion to elimination of the county vehicle decal, saving each tax payer money annually.
  • Worked to manage Tazewell County more like a business, thus insuring the government is accountable to the public for all decisions.
  • Supported the rights of property owners by voting against zoning in the Eastern District.
  • Reduction of county budget by 1.4 million dollars in 2009/2010 without layoff of employees.
  • Required the publishing the Board of Supervisors meeting minutes on the county website monthly for public review.
  • Establishment of County Ethics Hotline for reporting fraud and illegal activity.