Residents of Tazewell say they have concerns about the number of people with Cancer

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

Residents of Tazewell say they have concerns about the number of people with Cancer

Several years ago the Board of Supervisors requested a study be conducted, by the State Health Department , of the number of cancer cases being reported in Tazewell county . This study was inconclusive. At the next Board of Supervisors meeting, Mike plans to ask the board to fund an independent study of the recent reported cancers in Tazewell county. He feels strongly that we must be proactive in our efforts to determine the cause of this problem in our communities. Please support for spending your tax money for this important study.

This topic has been on the minds of many county residents lately and received a lot of attention recently thanks to a report by WVVA.


TAZEWELL (WVVA) – Residents of the Town of Tazewell say they are concerned about the number of people that currently have or have had cancer.

“I just kind of put a feeler out their and said if you live in Tazewell and have lived in Tazewell your entire life and in the last five to seven years have been diagnosed with cancer or have family members that you have lost to cancer please let me know,” stated Jennifer Lowe, a cancer survivor. “I’ve gathered names, age of diagnosis, year of diagnosis, the type of cancer and even some occupations, and to date I have 123 names.”

Jennifer presented this information to the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors.

The board made a motion to bring in a research team to try to explain this situation.

Southern District Supervisor, Mike Hymes says, “In researching it and talking to my constituents, we came up with the idea of using the Southwest Virginia Regional Health Authority which was set up by the government to examine health issues in Southwest Virginia.”

Hymes says funding for this project will either come from the Southwest Virginia Regional Health Authority or the board will budget this project and use tax payer’s dollars.

Jennifer established a Facebook page to continue to gather information. That page is!/taz.cancerella.9?fref=ts